What is the exact difference - love, crush, and attraction?

Among love, crush and attraction the most heard and popular word is love. Thousands of pages have been written on the so called ‘love’. However, today most of the youngsters don’t know the proper difference between love, crush and attraction; these three things are very different from each other. 


Love is a profoundly passionate, tender affection for a person. It is a deep feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a child, parent or friend. It can also be used to describe the sexual passion or desire between opposite sex.  Love is a strong affection and an emotion of personal attachment. Love is defined as a virtue full of human kindness, affection and compassion. While, love more often than not is used to denote feelings toward the romantic partner, love in fact is more generic than that.

Crushes are usually considered as an attraction or even called puppy love that a person may have over another person. These crushes occur usually when people are young like adolescents, coming into our age. Crushes can be seen somewhere in the middle of love and attraction. The relationship may initially start as a mere crush, but can either develop into a deep love or attraction. When a person is in this stage, he or she usually fawn or adore the other person. 

Attraction is a foolish or an absorbing passion or an instance of this. It is when a person gets so swept up in feelings of what they believe is love that they do not see the rationality of the situation. Attraction is often caused by sex appeal such as the way a person looks, or the similar interests, etc. Attraction can also grow into love if given proper time and energy. Attraction is believed to cause by the increase of adrenalin in the body that causes the person to do irrational things and crave more of it.

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