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How To Look Perfect For A First Date - It’ll Take You Only 25 Min A Day

You might think that in order to get the perfect body you need to dedicate every waking minute to a workout program but the latest fitness trend is a 25 minute a day exercise program. This fitness trend consists of a home training program and includes a DVD workout tape. The trend has taken America by storm and already 500,000 fans on social media are raving about it. Not only does it require only 25 minutes a day but you only have to exercise five days a week – you get weekends off for good behavior!


The 25 minute exercise program works for everyone, no matter your age, gender or fitness level. It is perfect for those on-the-go or workaholics who simply don't have time to get to the gym and workout for hours. The time saving regime promises a full-body workout in 25 minutes a day. Not only will you save time but you can also save wasted money on gym memberships you never use or expensive equipment which takes up space in your home. If you find that the program is not working for you and that 25 minutes a day is too much exercise time then you can get your money back – so its risk free!

25 Minutes Exercise a Day

Studies have shown that the first 30 minutes of any workout are the most effective – so why continue for another hour. Within the first 30 minutes of any workout you burn calories with the same intensity that you do with a longer session. The 25 minute a day workout achieves the same results as an hour workout by keeping you focused 100% of the time. The workout gives you no time to rest, it uses Focus Interval Training to work every muscle group in turn and then repeats the cycle. By switching from working on a specific muscle group to a different muscle group throughout the workout you never get bored with repetition. You remain within your optimal fat-burning zone for the entire 25 minutes and that is how it gets faster and more effective results. With just 25 minutes a day you can get the perfect body, improve your health, save time, save money and all in the privacy of your own home.

Once you have lost weight and toned up your body you will have more energy, more confidence and like yourself a lot more. Your clothes will fit you better and you'll probably be able to buy a lot more new clothes too. No matter what your fitness level and no matter how busy your schedule is you can fit in 25 minutes a day of fat-burning exercise.

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