How To Write Your Relationship Mythology

Many of us links our romantic experiences to mythic dramas which either bought us fulfillment or disappointment and sometimes a bit of both. Your personal relationship mythology may be the reason why your love relationships don’t work out. A subconscious script drives your experiences with men creating fateful scenarios that test your ability to remain true to yourself and to learn about the ups and downs of love relationships.


Here are some tips on how to write your relationship mythology:

• Take a pen and notebook, sit down and begin your story. Prepare the stage by writing and describing your own character at the time you met the first man in your list. Were your character  is of a sexy and a self-confident woman who saw herself as any man's dream only to be courted by a jealous controlling and who kept tabs on your comings and goings? Or your character is a bit of frumpy and depressed, who want someone to lift her up into the light so that she could see her beauty.

• Write down the list of some memorable romantic partners you fell in love with you one after the other. Describe the factors that attracted you to them and why you thought they were the one for you. 

• In a fairytale style, adorn your myths by adding the details of interest to the storyline. You even can include the lyrics of sappy love song or a dream which warned you all wasn't right with a romantic partner. You may also write adventures you had together, or anything that can add up a bit more meaning to your mythic story.

• Describe those areas of relationship that were in conflict with your self-esteem, how things goes apart, as well as the last thing or scene that caused you to part. The each point will be a dramatic conclusion to a sequence of your mythos.

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