Top 5 First-Date Mistakes Guys Make with Women

First impression can be a winning factor for you or can destroy your efforts. You can get second chances elsewhere but not on your first date with a girl. You should always avoid any mistake on your first date with a woman to get a successful strong relationship with her. Here are the top 5 first date mistakes guys make with women which you should avoid.



Being confident is what desired by a woman but being overconfident does not look good to her. It seems as an aid for covering up your insecurity and what you represent. So just be confident on your first date but not look so overconfident.

Correcting her on small things

Do not correct her on her small mistakes and avoid her mistakes. Keep the things light and easy going. It is the time to show her your playful attitude and not your corrective nature. Correcting her on small things like grammar and knowledge of geography will put her down. It may destroy your image on first date.

Being indecisive

Be decisive and not indecisive. If you say “Let us go for a coffee sometime” then it looks decisive. But if you say - “Hey, will you go for a coffee with me or for a dinner?  We can also go for a movie. What do you think? “, then this looks indecisive. Yes, in the first case she will be impressed by your confidence and in the second case she will be burdened with irrelevant extra options. So best is to be decisive and offer her straightforward things.

Talking about wealth and money

It is not good to share your financial situation on your first date. Talking about your money if you plenty of it, will make you look arrogant. While if you have not, talking about it will make you look pathetic.


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