Tips On How To Be Like The Partner You Want To Have

Finding a partner is like shopping for a home. We all have a need to find that partner who accepts and love you to your core. Describe the partner you want to have and write it down. If you are not already living the life you want then you aren't going to attract the partner you seek. Because your partner may already be out there and enjoying his life, and that's where you'll meet each other. Unfortunately, not on your couch or at the nail salon!


Here are some tips on how to be like the partner you want to have :

 Move your body: exercise has a much known importance in our lives. Go for a long or slow walk or go to the gym, but do get moving. You'll meet people who also respect their bodies and work towards health and longevity.

 Know your strengths and weaknesses: you should know your assets and shortcomings so that when you meet a guy you know what you want in him. If you like doing the family business, find a guy who likes maintaining it. You are building a team and together, you become an actively functioning unit.

• Connect with nature: if you like inner peace and joy then get out of the house and spend some time in nature. 

• Laugh long and loud: Many of us believe that laughter brings us closer to divine energy. You don't need a reason to laugh just go for it. A great woman once said, "If it is not funny, keep looking. Eventually, you start finding humor in any situation." So, try to find a partner for you who have a healthy sense of humor. Laughter is one of the most important factors in the success of a marriage.

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