5 Steps For Getting Your Ex Back Permanently

Winning or getting your ex girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t the tough task. What is hard is keeping them. As they left you once, what will stop them from leaving you again? There is no point in getting back your ex if you can’t keep them permanently. Most probably you have tried your ways for getting her/him back but sometimes the ways we try like emotional or forlorn don’t works. A proper planning is required and a process step by step to get him/her back permanently. 


Here are the 5 steps for getting your ex back permanently:

Step 1: The Deadly Mistakes

The deadly mistakes are the direct result of people following their instincts. These deadly mistakes are:

1. Calling or texting him/her all the time, it doesn’t works dude. Never show them that you are desperate for them and miserable without them.

2. Begging and trying to use pity, you are not a beggar you are a person with self respect. No ex comes back because of this begging and pity.

Step 2: Give yourself time and space

It’s a simple and very effective way for getting your ex back, just stops all the communication with your ex. That means no calling no messaging and no meeting.

Step 3: What to do in no contact

Try to make a positive change in your life in the time of no contact with your ex. Bring some positive changes in your appearance, mentality and behavior.

Step 4: Contacting your ex

After not being in contact with you for a while they must be wondered what happened to you and they will forget that needy and desperate image of yours. Now contact him/her and boom him/her with new you.

Step 5: The success

At this step you will find your ex with you permanently. Have a wonderful life with him/her. 

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